So what can I do for you?

I love WordPress, not because it’s complex (it’s not), but because it gives you a great starting point allowing you to focus on the fun stuff like animations and UX.

When something more robust and bespoke is called for, I’m comfortable starting from scratch using Zend Framework or Symfony. I have used Cake briefly, however, I prefer the increased modular approach to the more mainstream frameworks.

My favourite part of a project is the front-end, the bit that people interact with, and I am keen to make these as rich as possible using plugins and bespoke css3/ JavaScript combinations.

I am adept at picking up other peoples work and being able to work on it regardless of how it has been written, and am not fixed to any package or framework.

I am also a highly competent DevOps engineer with a strong grounding in AWS based distributed architecture, build pipelines using git/ Jenkins and AWS, as well as gulp and sass.